FineVu 2012 Lineup

FineVu is a South Korean dash camera company and is the #1 selling brand.  They recently launched three new cameras replacing the 720p CR200HD and CR300HD cameras.  Their biggest improvement is the addition of a Sony Exmor (edit – it’s not the “-r” sensor as was previously stated) sensor to all new models.  This sensor is specifically tailored to perform well in low light – something the older cameras sorely needed to improve.

The sensor is better but this one isn’t the one designed for low light – we’ll see in the future how that impacts the video image.

CR500HD ~$315

First up the CR500HD is their top of the line camera boasting 1080p performance.  It’s the spiritual successor to the CR300HD inheriting it’s body design and functionality.  It’s been given a white ring on the front and some new lettering to make it look different (IMO the white ring makes it more noticeable, this might be good or bad depending on where you live).

edit: FineVU will make a version with a black ring due to concerns raised. Thank Alex from


FINEVu PRO ~$270

The FINEVu PRO is the mid-class camera, it shoots at a maximum of 1600×900 pixels (more than 720p but less than 1080p) and comes in a new body format.  It’s black and thin, perfect to better conceal the device.  It also includes two dedicated buttons for mute and emergency recording – two very useful functions.  The first allows you to take conversations off the record, the second creates a new locked video in case anything happens allowing you to easily retrieve it at a later without worrying it will be deleted.

It comes on a new mount and has a convenient location for clipping on the GPS (sold separately).

Great video comparing both cameras


FINEVu T2 HD+ ~$225

Finally the T2 HD+, it’s similar to the FINEVu PRO except it has a white face and records 900p at 24FPS instead of 30fps. The frame rate change isn’t a big deal but I feel the white face makes it extremely noticeable and if you live in a neighbourhood susceptible to vehicle break-ins this is not the camera for you.

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Viktoras Peteraitis

That WHITE color on T2 HD+ is a really a deal-breaker. What an absurd !!! Make it $5 more expensive and get some BLACK paint for these 5 bucks, FINEVU