The Best Premium Dual Lens Dash Cams

Here’s our recommendations on premium front-back dash cameras for 2018. Learn which cameras give you better reliability, performance and features. We spent over $2000+ and 100+ hours testing cameras to give you our three top picks.

Work In Progress

October 2nd, 2018:This article is under construction. We wanted to notify our website-only visitors that we have a new video review. In the meantime, see our full list of recommendations, by checking the Best Dash Cams Article.

Our Video Review

#1 Blackvue DR900S-2CH – $500

For the best video quality, refined experience and its cloud (internet) features.

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#2 Thinkware F800 Pro – $400

Our pick for the best-parked recording system. Energy efficient with versatile functionality and much more refined experience.

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#3 Street Guardian SG9663DC – $290

Our great value pick. Excellent video quality, 2-year warranty, WiFi, useful accessories and temperature resistant design. We found out it’s Street Guardian that sells it directly not OCD Tronic (although they are still a great retailer).

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Parking Mode Accessories

For our full guide to parking mode see our article.

#1 Vicovation Vico-Power PLUS

For Blackvue cameras, used to protect your battery through its voltage, temperature and time-based cutoffs.

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#2 Cellink Neo Battery

The Neo provides temperature-safer battery power for your dash cams. 24+ Hours of standby parking time for our recommended cameras on a full charge. There’s a different adapter for Blackvue vs Thinkware/Street Guardian.

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