Z-Edge S3 and S4 Review – There Are Better Choices

During research for our budget dual channel camera review we ruled out the Z-Edge S3 and Z-Edge S4 cameras as being good choices. We think their value isn’t as good as our other picks like the Mini 0906 or the Aukey DR02D. Those two cameras are $20-40 cheaper, have worldwide availability (Z-Edge is only sold in the USA) with equal or better video quality. Most importantly our recommended cameras use capacitors not the lithium ion batteries found in the S3/S4 which are less heat resistant and reliable.
Researched Only – No Hands on Testing
For all reviews, we first perform detailed research to choose which cameras to purchase and test. Based on our experience testing 70+ cameras we can rule out certain models from their hardware specs and existing reviews. The Z-Edge S3 and S4 are two such cameras as we reviewed cameras with similar specifications. It is possible that we miss certain details which is why we publish this disclaimer and will revisit this article if we get new information or think of a new category to place these cameras.

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Model Z-Edge S3 Z-Edge S4
Resolution Full HD @ 30fps (1080p) Full HD @ 30fps (1080p)
Processor Novatek 96663 Novatek 96663
Image sensor OV4689 both OV4689 + IMX323(rear)
Bitrate 11.5Mbps 12.5Mbps
Lens 6G lens 6G f/1.8 Glass Lens
Capacitor // Battery 470 mAh 600 mAh
Field of view 150° both 150° both
Operating temperature -10 ~ 60°C (14°F ~ 140°F) -10 ~ 60°C (14°F ~ 140°F)
Memory Micro SD max 128GB Micro SD max 128GB
Country USA USA
Warranty 18 months 18 months

The Cameras

The S3 model is compact and discreet. The solid black coloring allows your camera to blend in nicely with surroundings. The S4 model is arguably more visible because of the dark grey color and a bigger screen.

The S3 model has a 2.4‘’ scratch resistant LCD screen which will allow you to watch your videos or change the camera settings while the S4 model has a bigger 4 inch screen which could be useful for people who would want to use it as a backup camera .

Lithium Ion Design Means Poor Heat Resistance
Both of these cameras use a built-in battery which on average are less reliable in warm weather.The S3 model has a 470mAh battery which the manufacturer claims to last 30 minutes of recording without being plugged in. The Z-Edge S4 has an increased battery capacity at 600mAh which will give you roughly 45 minutes of recording time before it runs out of power. We don’t think that this is important. Most people have a smartphone which can be used to take videos and photos when your car is off. There is also no low energy parking mode like in the Anker ROAV C1 which takes advantage of a lithium-ion battery.

Both, the S3 and S4 models are 2 channel dash cams, but you can disconnect the rear camera and use only the front camera which will raise the resolution in front camera to 1440p which is a notable boost in video quality.

Video Quality

Z-Edge S3 – Day

Video quality during the day is good, but not great. Details seem a bit blurred and you can’t make out license plates unless you are very close to the car. While that’s the case in almost all dash cameras I feel that our top budget pick Mini0906 has better video quality.

The rear camera looks good. It records in 1080p which is nice since a lot of budget options offer only a 720p rear camera.

Z-Edge S3 – Night

The dynamic range during night isn’t as good as the Mini0906. You will be very dependant on any light sources around your car, especially the rear camera. You can make out the details and see what happened but some details in rural areas can easily slip by.

Z-Edge S4 – Day and Night

Since the processor and the sensor for front camera is the same as the S3 model, there isn’t a noticeable difference in video quality during daytime. It’s good enough for you to see some details and if you are close enough – make out license plates of other vehicles. At night, although the dynamic range seems a bit better you’ll still be very dependant on outside light sources with this camera. Video quality is just OK, and oncoming car headlights in the video seems to blow out a bit too much. Thanks to the Sony Exmor sensor, the rear camera offers a better visibility at night than the S3 model.


One of the first things experienced dash cam users will notice is the lack of GPS and WiFi. While these functions aren’t a necessity and not a common feature in this price range, knowing your location and/or having a WiFi to transfer your files would be a nice bonus.

For comparison, our top pick the Mini 0906 has a built-in GPS while the alternative pick – the Aukey DR02D has an optional GPS dongle available. We haven’t found a dual channel dash cam under $200 with WiFi.

One of the advertised features in these cameras is the parking mode. There’s a built-in G-sensor that will trigger recording when the camera senses motion, crash or vibration. It’s a basic parking mode which after triggered will record for 30 seconds and then turn off. These cameras shouldn’t be bought for it’s parking mode features and if you really need one we would suggest to look at the Blackvue DR490 which has a much more polished parking mode functionality.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are very happy about their product however there are some concerns about the long-term reliability because of the battery. Some people aren’t happy about the rear camera’s night vision which is what we also saw as a con for this camera. Overall, the customer support seems to be on point when it comes down to resolving any issues. You can take a look at detailed customer reviews by clicking on the links below.

See Customer Reviews for Z-Edge S3
See Customer Reviews for Z-Edge S4

Z-Edge S3

The Good The Bad
  • Good video quality during day
  • Great customer support
  • Not available outside USA
  • Average nighttime video quality
  • Uses a battery
  • No GPS
  • No WiFi

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Z-Edge S4

The Good The Bad
  • Bigger screen (could be used as a backup camera)
  • Good low-light quality thanks to Sony sensort
  • Great customer support
  • On the expensive end of budget options
  • Not available outside USA
  • More visible to pedestrians because of the bigger body
  • Uses a battery
  • No GPS
  • No WiFi

Get Z-EDGE S4 from Amazon USA

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