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Hi there, it’s Andrew. I make dash camera reviews and guides to help other safe drivers. I’m creating content full time to answer the questions around “what’s the best cameras for ____” and helping people use their cameras more effectively.

We have a few costs including our first-part staff member, Rolands. He helps with creating articles and answering questions on YouTube, email and our website. As well we’ve been purchasing all our dash cameras at full retail cost since January 2017 to avoid being biased. These have added up to thousands of dollars over time, and we keep the majority of cameras to reference them in future tests.

Each review is a labour of love taking around 95 hours to complete. Each camera is extensively tested, the script is written and refined for clarity and finally the final filming and editing of the review video. If you’ve found value in our work and would like to help us continue our mission, we would be most grateful. You’re also indirectly helping to protect other safe drivers. Thanks!

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Andrew Lam
-Founder of Car Cam Central
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