Dash Camera Footage Overturns Traffic Ticket

Mark Fiorino was ticketed for failing to stop before turning right on a red light.  Unlike many others he had concrete evidence that he came to a full stop.  As a a self professed gadget guy he installed a dash camera in his vehicle (possibly due to his prior confrontation with police over open carry laws) and captured the entire incident.

Mark was pulled over April 1st, 2012 in Towamencin, Pennsylvania and although informing the officer that he video proof he broke no laws he was still given a $164 ticket.  This matter of course would be taken to the courts.  July 16th was the court date whereupon refusing a reduced fine he surprised the judge with the recording from his dash camera.  After cross-examining the police officer whereupon the officer validated the video, Mark moved to dismiss which was immediately accepted.

For more details check out the well written article on this matter or you can see Mark’s video account of the incident below:

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