Tricked Out Mitsubishi Eclipse – Cameras, Armor, Microphones & More!

We talk a lot about dash cameras here at Car Cam Central.  Have you wondered what would be the extreme end of the spectrum?

Wonder no more – depicted above an ordinary looking Mitsubishi Eclipse on the outside has a multitude of technologies allowing the 360 degrees recording of audio and video in, around and away from the vehicle, along with bulletproof glass and armor!

A car James Bond would be proud to call his own:

  • Four exterior hidden cameras (front, back, under both side mirrors) and four exterior waterproof microphones
  • Rear View Mirror with 4 embedded HD cameras and a microphone
  • 8 Channels of Video and Audio recorded to a 500GB DVR (digital video recorder) logging GPS Position|Speed and sensor data (turn signals, brakes, doors) all transmitted wireless to the internet
  • Joutec 3320 (dual camera & GPS) car camera mounted passenger window
  • Smoke Stream (created by transmission fluid dumped in the exhaust)
  • Electrified door handles
  • Bulletproof Glass & Spectrashield Armor

This eclipse is the rolling testbed for VAPA (Veterans Against Police Abuse) who’s mission is to equip ordinary citizens with the ability to present evidence of the truth in any encounters with the police.  While this level of recording is way more than 99.9% of people require (even the authors admit they only need one dash camera).

One great takeaway for the ordinary road goer. If you have a smartphone with internet whenever you record a video following an accident or with the police use either Bambuser or Qik which streams your video to an online server so that if your phone is taken or destroyed you still have a backup online. While it probably won’t happen it can’t hurt to have an extra copy.

What does everyone think? Would video/audio recording in every vehicle improve society or would it cause unnecessary scrutiny – a nightmarish 1984 world come alive.

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Edward Campbell
Edward Campbell

Love this setup! Keep up the great work

Andrew Lam

Glad you like it, consider joining the forums!

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car camera

you can view this cameras

Andrew Lam

What do you mean?